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    Closed Captioning


      I have not been able to get closed caption text to display on the monitor. I select the sequence, Closed Captioning -> Attach File, and select an .SCC file. It doesn’t give any immediate feedback, but I assume the link is made by the dots at the top of the screen that appear. Then I go to Closed Captioning Display > Enable as described, and play the sequence, but no captions show.

      Are there other parameters required for the captions to show on screen? Any suggestions for debugging?

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          There's a thread here with some additional information:


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            I started the thread that Todd refers to below, and I just wanted to provide an update and ask a question.


            I work for Automatic Sync Technologies (www.automaticsync.com), which provides an online caption service.  We produce 40+ different output formats, including .scc, but I couldn't get our .scc files to work with the preview feature in cs5.5.  We still haven't figured it out, even though our customers use the .scc format daily, and it works with FCP and Compressor, among other options.  SCC files from MacCaption work fine, as does the Apple sample file mentioned in my other post.  My best guess at this point is that the problem has something to do with caption prefix codes related to caption positioning, but to be honest we haven't been able to spend much time troubleshooting it since discovering the issue.


            julsjf, can I ask what software you used to generate the SCC file?

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              julsjf Level 1

              We were using a demo from InqScribe to create the .scc file. We found that

              it would attach to our project, but would not display the text.  We did

              notice one thing while trying to diagnose the issue, is that CS5.5 would

              prefer that your time code start at 00. We noticed that our time codes that

              started at 01 wouldn't work, we had to add time to the beginning for it play

              at 01.

              We are now demoing a software called CaptionMaker (which I believe is

              offered by the same company as MacCaption...CPC?) and on first try of

              testing if the .scc file it creates would even show up, it did. It even

              showed up in the preview panel and not just the external monitor we have

              hooked up.


              With MacCaption do you find it easy to minipulate the time code?

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                Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                Art, if you submit a bug report, we can look into why the closed-caption files from your system aren't working in Premiere Pro.


                julsjf, it seems that for now your best solution is to use the software that you've determined does create colsed-caption data that works with Premiere Pro.