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    Newby Question….Importing text from Illustrator



      I’m using the CS5 version of Flash Pro and Illustrator on a Window box running XP serv. Pk 3


      These are the AI Import Preferences:


      AI file Importer Preferences.jpg




      I’m trying to import some text, grayscale with suitable stroke and drop shadow, from a finished Board in Illustrator.  I’ve made PNG’s, to allow for a transparent background, at both 300 and 600 ppi.  I know these are large, but it doesn’t matter too much in this movie.  It worked well in the Color version.



      When I bring them into Flash there is a distinct difference in the quality of each, of course, but both are jagged when transforming them down to the size needed.  The ones at 600ppi are better but there is still a visual distortion due to the jaggedness.



      This is how it comes in at 600ppi



      How it comes in.jpg


      This is the distortion after its transformed down and is seen here at 100%

      How it transforms down.jpg

      What would be the best file format to bring text into Flash, from Illustrator, to preserve it and give it a transparent background?


      I was doing this to Save time....lol.....and to preserve the originals look


      I thank you for any time you give this question and for any help you can give me.