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    Is the 32-bit support package included in the license for CS5.5 master collection?


      I am running CS5.5 Master Collection on XP so 64-bit Premiere and AE  do not install. My documentation says that I can run CS4 of Premiere  Pro and After Effects by downloading a 32 bit support package for CS5.5  from my download page. However, not only is that link missing, but the  so called "tech support" says they will not give me a link. This is  ridiculous if it is true that it is to be included in what I paid for.  The 32- bit support package is on a DVD if you buy the DVD set. Yet,  support (a few somewhat confused people in the  Philippines)  told me that "tier 2" will not provide a way to download.


      Either it comes with 32-bit support or it does not.

      The documentation says it does, but support refuses to help.

      By the way, please train the outsourced support people better.

      I  have had three different persons aimlessly looking around my computer  trying to find the 32-bit package and it was obvious they had no clue  what they were doing. They have a possitive attitude and good people skills, but I would like them to have greater knowledge.


      If someone from Adobe in the U.S. sees this, please pick up this case ( :0206050914  ) and get me a way to obtain the 32-bit support package, or confirm  that I am not allowed to have it in spite of what your web page and  download documentation says.