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    Adobe Reaer X crashes when quick printing PDF attachment in Outlook 2010


      I have a user with the following specs.


      Windows XP 32bit

      Microsoft Office 2010

      Outlook 2010

      Adobe X


      The user has emails in his inbox with PDF attachments. He right clicks on the attachments and tries to do a quick print option, which in normal production would open Adobe Reader, print the document to your default printer, and close Adobe Reader automatically. When he tries to use the quick print option it flashes the Adobe Reader program, but does not print and from that point on, Adobe Reader is not able to open without crashing until I log the user out and log him back in.


      The user can right click and open the pdf without any issues and then print from within Adobe Reader. The issue only exists when using the Quick Print feature within Outlook 2010.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.