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    AVCHD stutter problem - fixed in 5.5?

    Richard Crook Level 1

      Hey gang,


      I was one of the first to own a new Sony FS100 which shoots AVCHD.  Great camera!  I was a DSLR user (still am) and loved how premiere cs5 handles the footage.  But now that I am using AVCHD...I've notice that the playback stutters like crazy at anything BUT full resolution.  This glitch is not there when I switch to full resolution, which is too much for playback with color grading applied.  I NEED to playback at lower resolutions.  I have the most updated version of CS5 and the problem still exists.  I have a monster system...so that's not it.


      So my question is...does this glitch occur in 5.5?  Can anyone confirm this?


      I'm going to open a ticket on this.  Its a ridiculous glitch.