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    How to delete multiple Index entires, i.e. duplicate page numbers en masse, CS3?

    Josef Klus

      I've used Add All to generously and need to go back and delete multiple entires occurring on the same pages. Is there an easier way to do it than one-by-one?


      So far, for topics/words in Index, I've been using Add All in the New Page Reference box. But it often generates multiple entries on the same page number, throughout for several pages.


      Going back to edit to delete the extras in Index/Reference window, I have to select the Index letter, the topic/title, the page, then delete; and afterwards, the whole hierarchy disappears and I have to start over and repeat the same 4 clicks again for the next page number under the same word--very tedious! Is there any easier way to select and delete multiple entries at once? (Typically Shift-Click or Command-Click, in Mac.).


      Your help and explanations would be greatly appreciated!


      Thank you,