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    Advice to Premiere newbie - asking on specific system build

    TheCoroner9 Level 1

      Hi all,


      I'm coming here to get some advice. I'm not computer savy/will be unable to build my own PC.


      Brief background: I make independent films (finished product is usually 90 minutes - 2 hrs in length plus supplemental materials for the extras on the DVD).

      I currently edit with Newtek's SpeedEdit with Video Toaster 5 on a Quad Core Windows XP system (2.5GHZ 1333 FSB with a 8800GTS 512 MB graphics card, and 2 GB of SATA storage  for DV footage (with Lightwave 3D for animation so a new upgraded graphics card will definitely be useful) -  I'm use to real time editing (no extended background render waits), perfect playback. Due to my 32 bit system I'm stuck with AE CS4 at the moment.  I will also be upgrading to a HD camera this summer either the Canon XL-H1, Sony Hvr-z7U or possibly one of the Sony PMW Ex's depending on how well I do putting the editing system together. 


      I've decided my next editing software will be Premiere Pro (Abobe Creative Suite 5.5 Production Premium).

      Besides Premiere Pro, AE and Encore will be very important to me as will Lightwave 3D for animation. And the need for 2-3 monitors.


      Would love some feedback on the following system based on my needs which I can purchase New for a very good price -

      Antec P183 case

      Heatsink/Cooler: Corsair H70

      Intel Core I7 960 (4 core - splits each core into two threads = 8 virtual cores)

      NVidia Quadro 4000 2 GB of dedicated GDDR5

      Operating system hard drives 2 X western digital caviar black 1  tb SATA3 drives in Raid 0 (7200 RPM 32 MB of on board cache).

                                                 uses Intel ICH1OR controller


      Video storage drive 2 x 1.5 TB Western Digital caviar Black Raid 1 (3 TB total) - I'm told this can store hundreds of hours of HD Video?

      Memory: 24GB DDR3 of Corsairs XMS3 series Memory

      LG 12X Blu Ray Burner

      Operating system windows 7 Ulimate 64 bit



      My main concerns:

      1) Smooth playback/great system for Premiere Pro HD editing


      2) Great system/enough power for AE


      3) Great system for using Encore


      4) Plenty of hard drive space for HD footage (my current system with 2TB of drive space is perfect for DV footage - I can get raw footage for editing from almost 2 projects on the Hard drives and the finished projects rendered out and still have about 50% of the drive space left. Would like something similar on my new system for HD footage). I would rather have more space than needed and not come in close or without enough room.


      5) Would like to have the different premiere pro tool sets across three monitors when I'm editing (can the above system do 3 or only 2 monitors with the Quadro 4000). If only 2 what upgrade would get me to 3 monitors?


      Thanks for the input.