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    Extra first line indent on jump stories


      We're having an issue at my pub and I wondered if anyone else has experienced this.  We jump stories from the front and obviously, if a story jumps in the middle of the sentence there should be no first-line indent on the jump.


      But sometimes in output a first line indent is added to all the jumped stories, no matter what. So somehow the jump page is losing its connection to the front and adds a first line indent?  The strange part is that this isnt' happening every time. Is this a PDF or InDesign setting we're missing?  Has anyone had any experience with something like this?


      The bigger issue (besides the fact that it's ugly and wrong) is when that 9 point first line indent forces a word on that line to return, it can sometimes overset the story.  It's such a basic problem but it continues to persist and is extremely frustrating.  If anyone has any insight, I'd really appreciate the help.