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    Other Option vs. Columns




      I am trying to create a text box that would look like the below.  It's a bit difficult to explain, but what I don't want to do is two create two columns.

      Because my Heading would not be right justified (like: Location of Coffee Beans).  Instead the header would be left justified.


      "5 miles west of Seattle", I'd like to line up with "Coffee Beans".  And, the problem is, without columns, it seems to me, that "5 miles..." must take on the same formatting as "Coffee Beans".


      The other way around it would be to add another layer, with another text box that aligns the two pieces of text the way I would like.


      Is there any way to "break out of" formatting AFTER "Coffee Beans" and enter into a new mode of formatting (justify or indent left)?


      Thank you very much!


      Header 1Header 2

      Location of

      Coffee Beans

      5 miles west of Seattle


      Message was edited by: hjn95014: When this is posted my formatting in my message goes all over the place - this is really going to be challenging to explain.  HEADING is left justified.  "Location of Coffee Beans" is right justified.  "5 miles west of Seattle" is left justified.  I did this with two columns. I would rather not insert columns - because my document has many headings.