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    Export of slices fails silently

    mik_bys Level 1

      An export from a page file, with only a few simple layers with color rectangles with some transparency, suddenly silently results in no files created at all. No error messages in FW.

      Only a few hours ago exports worked fine again after I had deleted the prefs and made a new file. The old file still wouldn't export.
      It doesn't matter if I uncheck or check everything in the export dialog, have one slice selected and right click to "export selected slice" or if I select one or several and use the menu option, Fireworks CS4 just will not export anything from any file now.


      This behaviour have been my experience for years, but never this bad. Are there any known work-arounds for this problem?
      While I can move the content to Photoshop, I must work on my Pngs after I export from there and it's a pain.


      How can I make Fireworks to actually create files when exporting again?


      In Console I've had this repeating message, but it's been going all the time, so it's not related in time, at least:
      "2011-06-22 20.34.09 Adobe Fireworks CS4[12911] Adobe Fireworks CS4(12911,0xa09ca820) malloc: *** error for object 0xffffffff: Non-aligned pointer being freed
      *** set a breakpoint in malloc_error_break to debug"
      "2011-06-22 14.09.16 Adobe Fireworks CS4[10719] *** _NSAutoreleaseNoPool(): Object 0x9613c40 of class NSCFArray autoreleased with no pool in place - just leaking"


      I'm going to try a reinstall next, but I'm not holding my breath.



      FW on Mac OS X 10.5.8 (PPC).