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    Incompatible Display Driver. Hum ?

    monsieurtibohugo Level 1

      Hello all.

      I have to fight again against the madness of Adobe Premiere Element 9.


      When I tried to open a (new or recent) project it tells me that I have an incompatible display driver. And I need to update my driver. But, my driver is already updated. I have used APE for several months, and now, it has decided to have an incompatible driver. I have used APE yesterday, and everything was ok (I mean, no more problem that the other days...).

      I can modify my videos, etc, but the problem that it doesn't display any video. If i want to play my video in the timeline, the "watching" screen is just grey...


      I have a Intel -Mobile intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family 2.1.0 Build


      I have run a test on the Intel website to see if I really need a update. But.. Everythin is fine.


      So i need help to understand what happens in the core of APE ! I am a little bit fed up about the other problems (it stops running like that...), but I didn't need other problems !


      Thank you for all your help !

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Here's the solution, from the FAQs to the right of this forum, Monsieur T.


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            One problem is that Intel makes good chips, but their video driver support is almost non-existant. Simple OS updates can render these driver obsolete, and that is why AMD/ATI and nVidia release a new one, almost every month, or even perhaps more often. With Intel, it's often many months, if at all. This is less a problem with general computing, but when it comes to video editing, or even large image editing, they fall far, far behind.


            If you have a laptop, you are stuck with the Intel embedded graphics chip, but if you have a desktop, you might think about by-passing the embedded chip, and going with a current AMD/ATI, or nVidia video card.


            Good luck,



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              monsieurtibohugo Level 1

              Thanks for the help, but I looked for an answer yesterday (in the night....), and I have found it in FAQ (but nothing on the web brind me there). So I wanted to delete my question, which was useless, the next day. But you answer before the deletion !

              Thanks you again !


              What it is strange is that this problems has appeared just like that, without any modification of my system between...

              Ahhhhhh, APEl remains a mystery for me...

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                What it is strange is that this problems has appeared just like that, without any modification of my system between...


                Unless you have gone into Windows and set the update to fully manual, your OS is constantly downloading and installing updates and hot-fixes. These can render a video driver (and audio driver too) obsolete instantly. As I mentioned, when you are doing word processing, spreadsheet work, surfing the Web, etc., the video driver is far less important, but with video editing, that is not the case, as the program interfaces more closely with the video driver, than almost any other program type, except for heavy-duty 3D, or extreme gaming. As the updating of the OS happens behind the scenes, and fairly transparently, most users are totally unaware that it is going on. Their computers have changed, but they do not see this happening, until one day, a hot-fix breaks the video driver, and it is a major, nasty surprise.


                I have the OS in all of my computers set to ONLY notify me, if there are updates available. I then manually download and install them, so I know that I might need a new video, or audio driver after that is done. I also do not want any program updating, while I am editing and have the updaters for everything set to OFF, or manual with only notification.


                Good luck,