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    Reader 10.1 generates enormous PS file; Reader 9.4.3 works OK


      I'm trying to print my TurboTax 1040 form.


      Using Reader 10.1 when I print any Current Page Reader 10.1 generates an enormous (16MB) print file which overloads my printer.

      When I uninstall 10.1, install 9.4.3 (and then update), and then print the same Current Page Reader 9 generates a 845kb (that's right: kb) which my printer prints successfully.


      Both versions of Reader used the default configuration.


      How can I configure Reader 10.1 to generate a print file similar to the one generated by Reader 9.4.3?


      Running Windows XP Pro SP3 32-bit fully patched; printing to HP LaserJet 4M+ with 38MB ram connected via Ethernet port.