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    How do I do smooth transitions between clips?


      After trimming clips, what type of effects do I need to use for smoother transitions? I tried several types of video transitions, for example Crossover Dissolve between the clips. But I want to show as if I never did any cuts or clippings even though I have done it. Did I make this clear?

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          shooternz Level 6

          Thats clear but maybe difficult to do.


          The invisible transition will need for each scene to be absolutely  identical ..in action, position, frame and lighting.

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            SFL46 Level 3

            You may want to ask yourself, "Why do I want to use a transition?"


            As you think about this question watch any network TV program and look for the transitions.  You will generally find very few transitions in a professional video. Those you do find will generally be dips to black rather than cross-dissolves.  You will generally find cross-disolves being used only where the editor wanted to give a sense of time changing.


            This s a situation in which less is more.  I believe that a 1 sec cross-dissolve draws more attention to itself than would a 0 second cut.