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    Audio files not allowing me to move them to the track I want.

    Maribeth R Level 1

      I am working in PP CS5 on an HP Pavilion Elite desktop.


      Can someone tell me why I can't move an audio track from track 1 to 2.  It will let me take it to track 3.  I have found a work around, (I can just delete all unused tracks and then it's fine, but I want to learn what setting I am missing, that it's now allowing me to do this.  I've tried to Alt select just the audio vs. audio and video and it still doesn't go to track 2. I don't have any Audio tracks "selected".  I do notice that after the type: Audio 1 there is a ?? 51 ?? and on the track 2 there is a bowtie icon.  I don't know what that stands for.  Thanks for the reply in advance. audio tracks.jpg