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    "Tabbed" image in CS4 for tabbing in a PDF?

    Guy Burns Level 1

      I want to compare the effect of various edits on an image, by tabbing between them in a PDF that is generated from an InDesign file. This is the scenario:


      1. Scan a Kodachrome slide.

      2. Edit the image a certain way in Photoshop using Curves.

      3. Apply a new Curves layer and edit a different way, then observe the difference by toggling between the two (or three or more) Curve layers.

      4. And alternative method (same visual result) is to duplicate the image, apply the different edit, and tab between the two images in Photoshop.

      5. When I am satisfied that I can do no more with the different editing methods, that image will become a part of an InDesign document which details my method of scanning Kodachrome.


      I have found that comparing images sides by side is not a satisfactory way to compare images – and it takes a lot more space on the page. It is much better to toggle or tab between them as you can do in Photoshop. Thus, I would like to be able to have three images, say, stacked on top of each other in InDesign, and some way of toggling between them when the document is exported to PDF:


      1. A reader opens the PDF on a certain page. Image on left (say), description on right.

      2. By clicking on something, any one of the three images can be made to immediately appear in the space allocated to that image.


      The result will be that even subtle changes in contrast or colour will become obvious, whereas when viewed side-by-side, such subtleties are not noticeable.


      Is it possible to set up a document in InDesign so that when it is exported to PDF the reader can tab between stacked images?