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    Need help- CS5 is confusing my avi clip types as quicktime and causing issues


      Hi, I have a problem that sort of cropped up out of the blue. I had been editing various footage for quite some time without any problems, including the footage I am now having problems with. Today, I open the project to continue editing and notice that several clips are now flickering black in the preview window and rendering with crazy interlacing artifacts. I looked at the properties of the problem clips and noticed the file type are all quicktime, when everything in the sequence was an avi previously. It's all converted Cineform Neoscene footage, all done from the same source at the same time, and all the other clips still read as .avi and work correctly. I tried deleting and re-importing the affected clips and they keep importing in as quicktime. I also tried playing those clips outside of premiere and they play correctly and are interpreted as an avi correctly. What is causing some of the clips to be misread as quicktime and is there a way I can manually change it back in CS5? At least, I think that's the problem, it's the only common thing that is connecting the flickering clips.