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    CHM crashes when you click on links to PDFs/word on IE9 only


      Here's the situation:


      CHM file is created with a few links to baggage objects, which are PDF files. I have links in both topics and direct from the TOC.


      On PCs with Internet Explorer 8 or less installed, users are able to click these links and the PDF file opens.

      On PCs with Internet Explorer 9 installed, the CHM file crashes (and worse still, takes the application the help was launched from with it).


      The error message is: Microsoft HTML Help Executable has stopped working [Close Program].


      I have tried creating a small project with links to PDFs, and word docs, both as baggage files and just external links, and the same thing happens. I have tested on multiple PCs (even a Vista PC that was OK when it had IE8 and not OK when I upgraded it to IE). I am running the CHMs off my PC, not off network drives.


      Has anyone else seen this? I would have thought other people would have noticed this if it was a generic problem with CHM files and IE9, but I can't see anyone mentioning it in this forum or anywhere else on google. Which makes me think it's something I've done wrong...



      One last thing, I output the file as webhelp and the links worked fine.


      Thanks in advance to anyone who has a suggestion here.