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    Need more details about the Tm operator



      Can anyone help me on calculating the y position from the Tm operator?

      In the specification it is not provided with more examples on it.

      What does the matrix value in the Tm operator do?

      I have a pdf in which a word "In" is written as

      13 0 0 13 43 784 Tm\r0 g\r( )Tj\r0 0 0 1 k\r7.3077 -36.5127 TD\r(I)Tj\r10 0 0 10 47 784 Tm\r0 g\r( )Tj\r10.4 0 0 10.4 141.874 309.335 Tm\r0 0 0 1 k\r(N)Tj

      in this y value for I is deducting y(-36.5127) in TD along with leading and for N is 309.335

      both y position are not looking same but both displays in the same line...

      In which way it is been calculated?

      Thanks in adv