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    automata place text




      i have a horoscope kind page where`s formated text in 12 frames, so i want to place text automaticly from an external source (doc  file).

      There is any kind of script for this solution?

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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          Was it predicted today was gonna be your lucky day?


          All you need to do is link all of these independent frames together; then, you can use Column Break or Frame Break to 'jump' from one frame to the next. You cannot insert these in your Word file, but this way it's possible to load your single Word file quite easy into the existing frames.

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            mlacee Level 1

            I think because of my bad english I cannot make myself


            so... I have a page in indesign with formated text frames

            and weekly I need to change text inside the frames.

            I`m asking for a script or something to update frames with

            the new text. Acctually I use copy/pase .

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              mlacee wrote:


              I`m asking for a script or something to update frames with

              the new text. Acctually I use copy/pase .

              Stop using copy/paste and you won't need a script. There's a preference setting to allow you to keep a live link to word processor and spreadsheet files, so if you elect to do that, then place the word file once, all you need to do is save the changes in the word file with the same name and update the link (do the formatting in Word, though, or you'll lose it).  If you don't want all the stories in your file linked, you can turn it on just before placing the story, then turn it off again just after.


              If you really want a script, Dave Saunders wrote one years ago for replacing the content of tables with what's on the clipboard, which isn't exactly what you are doing, but might work if you change your workflow a little. I don't know if itr works in later versions, but you can try putting it in a Version 3.0 subfolder in the scripts folder. http://www.pdsassoc.com/index.php?Nav=solnssub&Ban=PopulateTableFromClipboard&Info=PDSprod ucts/PopulateTableFromClipboard/index.php

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                mlacee Level 1


                Jongware you`re right...

                now I`ve got it what you say, it is working fine