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    Strange behaviour with text variable

    TheoRichel Level 1


      I am on CS5 7.04. I am working in a document, not a book. On my Master Pages I have created a Running Header with text variables. Inserted are the Chapter Number and the Chapter Title. No auto numbering, both variables are simple text frames combined in the running header. All my 180 pages work all right, except for 1 page in Chapter 8 that consitsnetly say that it belongs to Chapter 5.(the Chapter Title is correct though). The page before has the right variable and the next ( a new chapter) as well.

      I have exported to idml and reimported, but it makes no difference.

      I have changed the assigned master pages, but as soon as I select the correct Master Page Chapter 5 comes back.

      If I copy a Running Header Frame from another page within Chapter *, it automatically switches to Chapter 5.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.