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    Linkage and performance problems with "Additional source folders"

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      There seems to be a some problems when using "additional source folders" in Flash Builder 4.5 and 4.5.1 (links to folders outside a project see pic below). Hopefully I'm doing something wrong and some kind soul could point it out.

      library project.jpg

      1. I have a library project which is referenced from a Flex application. When I try to use the tools to go to any of the declarations in the library project from the flex application project, I get a "Code Navigation Error" insetad of seeing the source code in the library project:
        code nav error.jpg
      2. Typeing with code completion turned on is super-duper slow, characters take around half a second to appear.


      What would really help is to know if there's a way to tell Flash Builder how to locate the source files for library swc's, and if there was a way to improve the performance of the text editor.