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    fake a dead dog

    Spalding H

      I'm making a short film where a dog gets hit by a pick up truck. The camera is inside the truck so we don't actually see the dog getting hit (there is a thud and a bump). The driver gets out of the truck and walks over to the dog, who is lying on the ground. He squats down and strokes the dog. It is injured, beyond help so he walks back to his truck, gets his rifle and puts the dog down.


      So... I've got a dog. I don't have a dummy model of a dog. I can probably get the dog to lie down but it's really not going to be able to do it for the whole scene.


      I was thinking of taking a still photo when the dog is lying down and masking it into a wide shot as the driver approaches the dog. Other than that I'm not really sure how to go about it. Basically, I have to composite the dog in there somehow. It wouldn't need to be in every shot of the sequence but enough so we know the dog is there.


      I would appreciate any advice anybody could offer on this one



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          Probably something you can do quite easily with the puppet tool and other distortion effects, if only you have enough material you can cut out cleanly before deforming it, i.e. shooting the dog in a neutral standing position, then bend it into place. Really depends on what shots you need, so I'd recommend you figure out your storyboard first in order to be able to decide which shots to have the dog do its thing in camera and which ones to do digitally. Also consider finding angles that may not at all require any trickery with the life animal or in digital but rather where you can e.g. use a piece of cloth/ plush with blood flowing as a stand-in for the dog's body. Might work well enough in very close over-the shoulder shots for instance....