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    7.5.1 Update problems


      I recently updated to CS5.5 7.5.1. I am now having issues with a third party plug in.

      Said plug in is QuickPrint. I was just wondering if any body else is having the same issue an have the resolved this.

      If so, any help would be much appreciated.


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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          "Having issues" is woefully vague, as it spans the gamut from "the moon has eaten my back yard" to "InDesign  crashes when I go to File > Print but only if the document has an odd number of pages."


          What happens? Any error messages or screenshots would be great, or a complete description of the behavior.


          CS5.5 requires plugins that are specifically designed for it -- a CS5 version of QuickPrint won't work.

          In 7.5.0 Adobe omitted this check -- 7.5.1 restores it. So an old plugin might have appeared to work in 7.5.0, but was likely a ticking timebomb waiting to happen.