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    Elements 9 - export with mp4 extension



      I'm new to Elements 9 and now I need to export and deliver a movie with the extension .mp4. Under "Sharing" choosing "Computer" and then "Quicktime" I can choose .mp4 as codec but the extension after exporting the movie is till .mov. Can I change the extension somewhere to .mp4 or will Element 9 always crate .mov files?


      I have purchased the software so I'm not running a trial.




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          Steve Grisetti Mythic

          There are a number of ways to do this, Andrea. But what device are you outputting your video for?


          An mp4 is not just one output setting. It can vary widely in quality levels and frame sizes (from 320x240 to 1920x1080).


          It all depends on what device you plan to play it on.

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            Andreas747506 Newcomer

            Hi Steve,

            I want to play it on my Ipad with 1440x1080i 25 frames.


            The source is a AVCHD-file from my Sony HX5V camera.



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              Steve Grisetti Mythic

              I'd recommend that you use Share/Portable Devices/iPod.


              Then click on the Advanced button and, on the Video tab, set the frame size to 1920x1080. (Although you're looking for a 1440x1080, this frame rate should still play perfectly as a 16x9 video on the device.)


              When you click OK, it will ask if you want to save this as a new preset. Say yes and name the preset as iPad, and it will be available whenever you want to output a video in the future.

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                Andreas747506 Newcomer

                I can't change the frame size, I get a message telling me that I have to change the Profile and the Level. I then adjust the Profle to 5.0 which automatically change the frame size to 1920x1080.


                Unfortunally the end result is a really bad quality video. I have played around with the Profile and level settings but he end result is (quality of the movie) is really bad.


                Do you have any ideas?




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                  the_wine_snob Legend



                  Can you give us the full details of your Project's Preset?


                  Getting great output is often predicated on what one is starting with, and then their steps along the way.


                  Good luck,



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                    Steve Grisetti Mythic

                    Okay, this should work:


                    Go to Share/Computer/MOV (Quicktime)


                    Click the Advanced button.


                    On the Video tab on the Advanced screen, set the Video Codec to H.264.

                    Click to turn off the chain link between the dimensions and set Dimensions to 1920x1080.

                    Ensure Quality is set to 100%.

                    Ensure frame rate is 29.97

                    Set Field Type to Progressive.

                    Set Aspect to Square Pixels.


                    When you output this, it will be an MP4, even if the suffix says .mov.


                    But, if you need to, you can change the suffix to .mp4. It doesn't matter. The Quicktime Player will read it the same way anyway.


                    This, by the way, creates a pretty BIG file -- and a pretty large picture. If you're just going to watch it on an iPad, you may want to consider using a 1280x720 or even 855x480 frame size. For the size of your screen, they should be more than big enough. And they may play more smoothly than that huge hi-def file!


                    About the only reason to use a full HD video would be if you plan to plug your iPad into a TV and play it through a hi-def TV.


                    But that's up to you. At least I we've come up with specs that will work for you.

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                      Andreas747506 Newcomer

                      Hi Steve,

                      Thanks for your help.


                      When I follow your settings, and even if I reduce the frame size, the output file is HUGE, as you said it would be. I start with four movies, each 30 seconds long and each 60 MB in AVCHD 1440x1080 25, I only use 3 simple transformations and added some text and the output file is 1,4 GB.


                      I still can't move it to my Ipad, I get an error message saying that the file type is not supported.


                      After playing around with a lot of settings and "googleling" on the net my solution is to use Handbrake software to convert my end result to Ipad, works well.


                      Overall I'm a little concerned about the size of the files that I get when I render a movie from Premiere, besides from that it works well.




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                        Steve Grisetti Mythic

                        Are you sure your iPad file is supposed to be 1440x1080? That still seems very large.


                        In any event, you can reduce the file size by reducing the quality level of the output. Though the jump from 60 meg to over a gig seems to involve more than that!


                        I wish iPads published their recommended file specs. Otherwise, it's just trial and error. Sorry.