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    Help PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anthony Aymé



      I make a program who create dynamic group thanks to a component


      In this group, i have a simple label and a TextInput


      I call the component with a PopUpManager.addPopUp and then i can change his properties.


      When i call another timer PopUpManager.addPopUp i create a new group. But i don't know how i can get back properties of the first created group.


      Is there someone who could fix it please ?





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          GordonSmith Level 4

          After creating the first popup, store a reference to it somewhere, perhaps in a variable of your application class. If you need to keep track of multiple popups, store them in an array. But when you close the popups, you'll need to clear the reference (or remove the element from the array). Otherwise it will stay in memory even though you can't see it.


          Gordon Smith

          Adobe Flex SDK Team

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            Anthony Aymé Level 1

            Thank you.


            I understand that i have to create an array to get all properties, no problem with that.


            But i'd would like to select the old element (we'll call it OE), and could change properties, i explain me :


            I have a group component, with a textInput inside.


            The text of this textinput is set in another component (call ATI).


            I would like, when i click on the OE, i would like to change his value rewriting thanks to ATI


            If anyone have a way to fix it


            Best regards,


            Anthony AYME

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              Anthony Aymé Level 1

              So, if someone have the same problem, i give the way to fit it :


              The instanciate popup add must be link with event.currentTarget.


              Grossomodo :


              myObjectAddedThanksToAddPopUp = event.currentTarget as  myObjectAddedThanksToAddPopUp;