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    Alert with non-standard fontSize doesn't resize buttons

    JustStartingOut Level 1
      //Okay, if you set these style changes in place:
      _global.styles.Alert.setStyle("backgroundColor", 0x9BCAE1);
      _global.styles.Alert.setStyle("fontWeight", "bold");
      _global.styles.Alert.setStyle("fontSize", 18);
      _global.styles.Alert.setStyle("color", 0x000000);

      //and then try to create an Alert
      var message:String = "Are you sure you want to clear the data from your schedule?";
      var title:String = "Confirm Deletion";
      var options:Number = (Alert.YES | Alert.CANCEL);
      Alert.show(message, title, options, this, clearHandler);

      // The Yes and Cancel buttons are too small for the contained text.
      // Is there a way to either make them bigger, or to not have the button fonts
      // be affected by the font-size change?

      // Also, anyone know how to change the background color of the title bar?