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    AMFChannel issue when page refresh for IE 7

    Flex4+BlazeDS Level 1



      I have configured channel set like following:


                  _cs = new ChannelSet();
                  var amfStreamCh:StreamingAMFChannel = new StreamingAMFChannel("my-streaming-amf", blazeUrl+"streamingamf");
                  var amfCh:AMFChannel = new AMFChannel("my-amf", blazeUrl+"amfpolling");
                  amfCh.pollingEnabled = true;
                  amfCh.pollingInterval = 3000;


      I have defined a consumer to use this channel to listen for message as well a producer to send message over this channel.


      I am using BlazeDS on the server side to handle the communication.


      Everything is working fine.


      But whenever I refresh the flex page in IE 7, the BlazeDS debug message keeps logging the following message on the console. The interval of the message showed up is the same as the AMFChannel polling interval.


      2011-06-23 10:34:25,463 [http-8400-1] INFO  mx.messaging.Channel- [Jun 23, 2011
      10:34:25 AM]: 'my-amf' channel requesting queued messages.
      [BlazeDS]Deserializing AMF/HTTP request
      Version: 3
        (Message #0 targetURI=null, responseURI=/9)
          (Array #0)
            [0] = (Externalizable Object #0 'flex.messaging.messages.CommandMessageExt
              (Object #1)
      (Object #2)
                DSId = "FD3C5B65-CA1D-5EC6-6EF5-17F486FE69FB"
      (Byte Array #3, Length 16)
      [BlazeDS]Serializing AMF/HTTP response
      Version: 3
        (Message #0 targetURI=/9/onResult, responseURI=)
          (Externalizable Object #0 'DSK')
      (Byte Array #1, Length 16)



      The same code works fine on Firefox.


      Anybody has an idea what's going on and how to fix it?


      Really appreciate your help!