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    Adobe reader prints in low resolution


      Hello Adobe Forum,

      I'm having a problem with one of the users here at the company I work at. He creates a picture using indesign and exports it to PDF and via Adobe Acrobat edits it into something he can edit however when he prints it the resolution is lower then whenever he prints something via indesign. why is that ?


      Printer brand: SATO
      Printer model: CL412e


      So far we've checked everything in the printing preferences because we believed that there would be a setting that allowed you to specify in what resolution you can print. With low resolution I mean is that when I print via Adobe Reader there's pixels around the edges of the pictures [Anti-aliasing] but when printed via indesign, there are less and almost not noticable.


      Please help me,
      What should I do to make sure that whenever the user prints something via Adobe it doesn't come out as a low-resolution print.


      Wouter Spaan.

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          ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What preset are they using to export from InDesign? Have they checked the resolution settings there?


          It's highly doubtful that it is on the Adobe Reader end of things. Most likely in the creation bits.

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            Bram Beumer

            Hello ~graffiti and Wouter,


            I'm the one with the printing  problem, the preset I use is the High Quality print preset and I have  tried some other options such as the Standard and Compatibility options.  The quality onscreen in the pdf is of high quality and since the  printer only prints type labels I don't get why it would suffer a loss  in quality. Also everything is in vector so that makes it even more odd.


            The problem could be in the export options from Indesign but what specific setting could it be?

            I have tried turning almost every setting off and on, turning compression settings off and turning the text into objects.


            I  have also tried different settings within acrobat and changed the  resolution under preferences, even with 1200 pixels/inch it makes no difference.


            There is no  difference in quality between printing from Indesign and Adobe Reader  when printing on a normal printer with normal paper aswell.


            So any idea about specific settings I'm missing or what else might be wrong?