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           After reviewing the "Getting started with AE" I did not find the answer to my problem even though I did learn a lot from the video. But here is my problem: I insert my video into a comp. and it doesnt play. It acts as a picture and doesnt play, I have tried converting it into a new file type (ex. .avi .wmv etc) and it still doesnt work. But, awhile  ago I downloaded a video from a tutorial as part of a project file and that video works in all comps. and it is a .mov. I have a windows so I can't produce a .mov to my knowlege. So is that what the problem is or is it just me? Please help and I welcome any responses! VERSION CS5

      Please review the picture below for more understanding:

      Problem preview.jpg

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Where did your video come from? That's an MPEG-1 video in an odd format.


          Are you having difficulties with any other files? Can you import and play all other kinds of movies fine?



          > I have a windows so I can't produce a .mov to my knowlege.


          Sure you can. You just need to have QuickTime installed.

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            Dave LaRonde Level 6

            REVIEWING the video?  The stuff from the Adobe training link you cite consists of excerpts from a 14-hour course for beginners & intermediates in AE.  Your efforts sound kind of sketchy to me.


            Incidentally, you'll find the course -- with the files, so you can play along at home -- at this link:


            The cost: about the same as a new video game.


            Does this mpg file play in a normal viewer?  We also don't know if you've learned how to preview properly yet, so it might be just fine.


            And as for the liability of being on a Windows box, may I direct you to two very valuable pieces of conversion software:  MPEG Streamclip (free download: google it) and Quicktime Pro ver. 7.x for windows.  Whatever the latest version of QT 7 is.  Avoid QT X as if it carried the ebola virus.  It'll be the best 35 bucks you'll spend for many a moon.

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              JRosenFX Level 1

              Thankyou both for your help!

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                JRosenFX Level 1

                It came directly from a Sony MPEGMOVIEVX DSC-H7

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                  Dave LaRonde Level 6

                  Sony may have a piece of software that can assist in transferring video files from the camera, converting it into forms that other applications can use.  Since they make about 20-gazillion different cameras, I'm not immediately familiar with the model number, but I bet if you scrutinize the camera manual, you'll come across some valuable information in that regard.

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                    I have a windows so I can't produce a .mov to my knowlege.



                    FYI: yes you can >>> Quicktime Pro for windows:




                    it is not terribly expensive either so… ~®

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                      Todd_Kopriva Level 8



                      Creating a QuickTime movie with After Effects doesn't require QuickTime Pro. It just requires the free QuickTime that I linked to.

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                        artshocx Level 1

                        i guess i've just never had anything but quicktime pro SO i was always under the impression that you couldn't save a quicktime with the free version just view it – learn something new every day i guess anyway, the point i was trying to make was that you can create a quicktime on a windows machine so… i guess at least that much is true LOL. thanks.

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                          when working with video you have to save a ram preview or view in ram preview


                          Composition>Preview>Ram Preview


                          this also works when trying to hear or work with audio

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