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    BlazeDS code generation inconsistent


      Hi All,


      We're using BlazeDS to connect to a Java service which uses code generation to generate object/service stubs in our Flex project.  When our service API's change, we refresh the service in Flash Builder and all of the stub files are regenerated.  The problem being faced is that the code generation seems to be inconsistent - objects that have not changed in the service layer are generated so that attribute declarations (and thus accessor methods) are re-ordered.  This makes no difference to how the project compiles and executes, but it makes it a bit of a nightmare when submitting code back to SVN.  The changeset shows a great deal of false changes.


      At first, I thought that another developer and I had Flash Builder installations that were different versions, but recently I have noticed by own installation being inconsistent with itself.


      Does anyone know of any settings that allows me to have more control over the code generator?


      Are there any best practices to follow when developing in a team environment?  We considered removing all generated code from SVN and refreshing all services each time we performed an SVN sychronization, but that seems like it could lead to other issues down the road.


      Thanks for any input that you may have.