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    DRM - force license request to refresh from server


      I am looking for a way to remove the local license which is stored by the flash player when playing back DRM content. The plain AS3 implementation offers a FORCE_REFRESH for the voucher , but there seems to be no access to this from OSMF


      I am specifically trying to play 2 drm enabled assets, one after the other, without reloading the player/refreshing the page. the first one authenticates and plays with no issues, however attempting to play a second asset gives an immediate AuthenticationError, without trying the authenticate() method. I have reson to believe that the license obtained from the first asset is being cached and used for the second. If i do refresh the page, to play the second asset ( therefore clearing the cache ) the asset playsback with no issues - so it is not an issue with the credentials


      is there an OSMF drm sample implementation that i can look at, which handles all errors, or any information on best practices for this?