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    ProRes on a PC - How to use and edit? Was just given ProRes files

    msp1518 Level 1

      So despite having long conversations with the transfer facility that I am on a PC and cannot have ProRes, today I opened up the delivery package and on my hard drive... 190GB of ProRes. 1080p24 I hope. Lord knows if they got that part right. I've bno way of knowing since I cannot open the file.


      QuickTime will NOT play it.


      My PC is a robust i7 and I have Mercury Engine hardware supprt so I have good horsepower. What do I need for codes, installs, etc to utilize this transfer?


      I searched for an hour on Google but everything I come up with is from years ago. I really hate net searching sometimes.


      Am I screwed here?


      I have CS5 Production Premium. Can I edit straight from the ProRes?


      I found an Apple add-on from 2008 for QuickTime, version 1.0, but that is three years ago. Wouldn't there be something newer by now?


      Any advice would be appreciated.


      Why oh why couldn't Lightpress give me what we had agreed to? We discussed it at length.