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    Import previous FC CS5 project into new 5.5?

    Van Garmon Level 1

      Hello. I am excited to start using 5.5 and I am needing to bring in my heafty project I created in CS5 FC.  FC still has the restriction of only 20 states so I got around this issue in the old one by designing the layout in AI then importing it into FC. This was a great work around. I am not needing to import my FC into the 5.5 FC.  Main reason is to make use of the resizable update.


      Any ideas on how to import my previous project? Can I still get around the 20 state restriction? (Not sure why they kept the 20 state restriction?!


      Even if I can bring in my previous project will the new 5.5 grant it the resizable update?


      Thanks in advance.



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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          Yes, the 20 state limit still exists. If you are exceeding that limit, then you might want to consider how you design is constructed, or have that portion managed via code. For example, if you were creating a gallery site with 50 images, you could look to see if they could be combined into sub groups. Or create the framework of the design in Catalyst, then add some ActionScript with FlashBuilder to manage the images.


          As to the resizable application, yes it should. Once you open your project in Flash Catalyst CS5.5, use the Modify > Artboard Settings menu to enable resizable application. You will still have to apply the resizing constraints to all you components, so they know 'how' to resize.


          Hope this helps,


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            Van Garmon Level 1

            Good to see you again....


            Given the complexity of my project I will not be able to make the grouping work for me. I would still be over the 20 state limit.  I guess the second work around would be to take my AI design and try importing it into the new 5.5 and rebuilding all the functions. Almost starting completely over.  Might be a good idea since the client keeps adding new locations to the map.


            Have you seen the new resize option in action?  My current project is at 1024 x 720 or so. It will be nice to have it automaticaly resize according to devices.  Does this option only happen when exporting as AIR or swf?