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    Between these 2 rigs, will I see a big difference?

    Adamousman Level 1

      Hi All,


      I've got two computer that I use to do basic HD editing and some effects (with Premiere Pro CS4 and After Effects).


      First, the two rigs:


      Work Rig:

      Dell XPS 9100

      i7 950

      6gb Tri Channel Ram (1000 mhz)

      ATI 5870

      OS Drive (Raid 0 2 x 500gb)

      E Sata Drive (500 gb)

      2 TB USB Backup Drive


      Home Rig:

      Coolermaster HAF 942

      ASUS Sabertooth X58

      Corsair 850 W Power Supply

      i7 950

      12 GB Ram (Corsair 3 x 4gb 1600 mhz)

      Nvidia GTX 470 1280mb

      OS Drive (300gb Raptor 10,000 rpm)

      2 x 1 TB Samsung F3 (in a RAID 0)

      2 x 500 GB Backup USB Drives



      So, knowing this, I have a few questions...


      1.  Will I see a substancial difference between these two rigs?  Will that difference be more in editing, exporting, or effects rendering?

      2.  Should I add anything to my dell work rig (not my choice to purchase... grrr) that can significantly boost performance?

      3.  Same questions for my home rig (I was thinking of buying another set of the Corsair 12gb ram, and perhaps setting up a second RAID 0.. is that advisable with my mobo and no RAID controller card?)

      4.  Should I reconfigure my work rig so that its not running in a RAID 0?  (this would require a lot of time, another drive purchase, etc.. would it be worth the headache?)


      Thank you all for any input... I really love this board as it's been a great resource for me acquiring my current build.