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    DynamicStreamingResource bugfix request!


      I've been losing hair over debugging auto MBR behavior just to realize that auto MBR indexing sometimes bugs out, when looking up streams by name sometimes it returns an incorrect index value when calling the internal 'indexFromName' on a DynamicStreamingResource instance. the reason for this is not being able to match the stream name. even though there is some logic added for appended mp4: prefixes, the prefix doesn't work for my stream names without and additional "/".


      I was wondering if the existing code in DynamicStreamingResource on line 150 could be changed from


      if (_streamItems[i].streamName.indexOf(name) == 0 ||
      _streamItems[i].streamName.indexOf("mp4:" + name) == 0) 



      if (_streamItems[i].streamName.indexOf(name) == 0 ||
      _streamItems[i].streamName.indexOf("mp4:" + name) == 0 ||
      _streamItems[i].streamName.indexOf("mp4:/" + name) == 0)
      I am sure this would eliminate a lot of headache for other developers as well, so they don't have to a) extend half the framework classes just to apply a bandaid on this or b) break framework code.
      Let me know if there is any other alternative fix to this that's minimum invasive and I failed to recognize. Thanks!