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    When InDesign CS5.5 goes buggy, what's the best fix?

    MystiMac Level 1

      Hi folks,

      I remember when a few weeks ago I was watching CS5.5 training videos, and I heard there's an optimum way to deal with when indd CS5.5 starts acting weird. Can someone please refresh my memory?


      Also, question #2, I'm still also running CS5 (I'm on PC), since my trial version of CS5.5 ran out and I'm still waiting for disk to arrive in mail from Adobe (hopefully today) -- What's the best way to install, since my trial version of CS5.5 had gotten all buggy. Also, that version seems to have invaded my CS5 installation, changed lots of the interface, preferences. What should I do when I get my disk to upgrade from CS5 to CS5.5 - uninstall the trial version and load the upgrade on top of the CS5? Or take the chance and install it on top of the trial version CS5.5, though the latter is buggy? And maybe I should even do a reinstall of CS5. Any advice would be appreciated.