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    Catalyst -> iOS?

    Kirkus Level 1

      I'm new to Catalyst and was wondering what kind of workflow I can use to get a Catalyst project running on iOS for demonstration and prototyping purposes. I have Web Premium 5.5 and the latest Flash Builder 4.5.1 update. I've been playing around with Builder, importing the Catalyst project, but I'm not having much luck. I'm hoping for a quick process that lets me take updated Catalyst projects from my graphic designer and get them running quickly on an iPad.


      Does anyone have any pointers? I've successfully been through the tutorials that create a Builder project from scratch and run it on the iPad, but the Catalyst -> Builder -> iPad flow has me stuck.

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          we need exactly the same...!


          Even when its hard to get a good workflow for designer and developer at the same projects... how is it ANYhow possible to get catalyst -> iOS working? (like iPad/iPhone)


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