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    Trouble exporting to tape via Blackmagic deck control

    dstack1014 Level 1

      After playing around with various sequense and project settings at some point I've been able to export a couple of shows but not without a dropout here and there. Today, once I felt I had all my settings just right I can't even get the deck control to record more than a couple of seconds, and when I did the audio was out of sync. I've resorted to a crash/record without deck control just to get the show playing. But I have to figure this out today for my deadlines. I have a show with closed captioning which will require deck control.


      I'm working with:

      MOBO: ASUS P6X58D-E

      Intel Hex Core i7 970

      RAM: 16GB

      Microsoft Win 7 Professional, 64bit

      GeForce GTX470

      System drive: Western Digital VelociRaptor, 10,000RPM



      PP CS5


      BTW, the show is playing out without any droppouts with my crash/record. My shows are in SD and my sequence settings are attached...PREMIERE SEQUENCE SETTINGS.png