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    "Sychronize Audio" won't allow me to synchronize audio

      I have a number of different animation objects in my PPT presentation, all of which need to be synchronized with a single audio file on a single slide. When selecting "Synchronize Audio" from the Breeze menu in PPT, I click the timer button, and the box above the the timer button reads, "Editing: No animiations remaining". Also, the "Next Animation" button would normally be available, but this button is a stop button only. The audio plays, I can see the animations occurring, but I cannot time the animation to the audio.

      Any suggestions?
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          michael.schreiner Level 1
          I understand you're having an issue about using audio with PowerPoint animations as well as synchronization while getting the "Editing: No animations remaining" message. Commonly, this entire symptom is caused by the animations being set to automatically play in a certain sequence, usually set as "With Previous" or "After Previous" in PowerPoint. You would only get the option for "Next Animation" as well as suppress the "Editing: No animations remaining" if you have your animation set to be triggered manually or set as "On Click" in PowerPoint.

          I would suggest that you try this out in a new file first and compare the options for audio with an automatically triggered animation as compared to a manually triggered one. If this is not what's causing it, please feel free to reply back so that we may re-assess your issue and perhaps I could take a look at your files and determine what else could be causing the issue.

          We hope this has helped you.

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