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    only 15frames of playback/preview issues...very confused

    hagbard celine23

      Hi all,

      Im on a macpro 8core 32gig ram 2 terra hardrive.


      Just installed premier pro cs5.5 in studio all good on imac, then moved to

      macpro and well the darndest thing.


      I only get about half a second/15 frames of video and playback/preview before it stops.
      On any clip any sequence any setting, works amazing on 27inchimac,
      dies here on the 32 gig macpro beast.!


      I've re-searched and a similar preview problem involved logging in as root opoening

      files, logging out etc.


      Done this, logged out logged in..... still the same?


      Any of you troops experienced this or got any tips for an old confused pro????