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    How can I Automate File Rename in RHX5?

      I would like to automate a rename of all my various .htm files in my projects. I would like to use a scripting language to handle this. Does RoboHelp X5 act as a COM server?

      It sure would be great if it exposed a FileRename Method.

      If there isn't any OLE object exposed by RH, then what exactly are the steps I need take to automate this process from a scripting language?

      Deana Falk
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          You're mostly talking to technical authors here rather than developers. What's a COM server?

          The only way I can think of doing it is this as there is no way within RH.

          See the topic on my site about opening RH projects. Essentially the idea is to trash the CPD and XPJ files. Use part of the HHP file and work on that with regular expressions or whatever other method you want. Then reopen the project using the HHP file.

          I've never tried it, it is just a theory. Do back up.

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            deanad Level 1

            Thank you for your response.

            An application can be designed to act as a COM server. This basically means that the application exposes its own Methods (functions) and Properties (settings) to a third party application (i.e. scripting language).

            A good example of an application that acts as COM server is Excel. For example, the Microsoft Excel object model exposes the Application object as the top-level object in its object model hierarchy. The Application object has a Workbooks collection that contains a Workbook object for each currently open workbook. Similarly, each Workbook object has a Worksheets collection that represents the worksheets in a workbook, and so on.

            The Excel object model contains several dozen objects that you can manipulate through a script. Almost anything you can do with Excel from its user interface, you can do by manipulating its objects through a script. In addition, you can do things through the script that can't be done through the user interface.

            I will definately check out your website. If I am successful with the rename, I will post back here.

            Deana Falk
            Wilson WindowWare Inc.