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    moving a method down the call stack


      This is partially a blazeds question as well, which I have already inquired about there.


      My situation is that I have a consumer.subscribe followed by the rpc, followed by the consumer expected to handle the results of the rpc.  What seems to be happening is a race condition between the subscribe and the rpc call - with the results being returned back before some of teh consumers have finished subscribing.  This is all being handled in one method.  For the most part, it needs to be encapsulated like this because we're using the parsley IoC container.  By creating a new context on a button click, it automatically instantiates and initalizes the consumers.  A retrievedataevent is then fired straight away.


      Is there anyway around this?  I noticed that if i create a Timer and set it to 1 millisecond, it somehow fixes itself.  Does timer somehow drop the current method down the callstack?  Or deprioritize it?


      Thanks in advance.  I'm banging my head against the wall here