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    Different graphic display in Windows and Mac


      I have a computerized ECG system which prints the ECG't to PDF format on a Windows XP system.


      On the Windows machine Acrobat reader dispays the ECG backgrownd graphic correctly with the fine graphic lines in the background.

      The graphic is as you get with graphic paper blocks of thick lines with fine lines in between, and on that is drawn the ECG graph.


      On the Mac system the graphic background is not displayed correctly, the large graphic lines is displayed as text graphics using  1  and the fine in between graphic is not displayed.  I have checked the graphics on the mac on 2 different machines, copying the file over to the mac and reading it with Acrobat reader as well as with Acrobat Pro and on the Mac side the display is always the same.  The ECG lines however is displayed correctly.


      I have also checked that the file has not been changed on the mac by opening the PC directory from the Mac and loading the file directly from the Windows PC into the Mac Acrobat.


      Is there a setting on the Mac that can correct this problem?


      Thanks for any advice.