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    Frustrated........too many activations...can't authorize ADE


      My refurbished Color Nook arrived but now I can't load my library books onto it.  When I go to authorize the device...it tells me that I have too many activations.  I was afraid that this was going to happen as I had to return the Color Nook so many times.  My Nook Simple Reader was just great right off the mark.  Unfortunately now.............I have yet another device with a problem.  I called the Adobe 1-800 number that Barnes and Noble gave me.


      I spoke to two different Adobe representatives.  The last person I spoke to at Adobe said that he had to send an email to another department and they would call me back in within 24 hours.  This whole process didn't exactly seem right to me and I am wondering if anybody else has had this same experience and their problem was fixed?


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          Yes - and yes.  There are people at Adobe who field certain calls, so being

          referred to someone else isn't unusual...  Right, Jim?



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            Just to update anybody who might have the same problem.


            Yesterday, I called the phone number I was given.  The Adobe Customer Service rep. said somebody would call me back within 24 hours.  So, I have stayed home the entire time.


            I have called three times today and get a different version of what I am supposed to do....all of which they say will result in somebody getting back to me.


            One of the reps told me, " there is no activation problem.  You can activate as many times as you want."


            I went to the Support Page and wrote out a "web case".


            Bottom line is that I am  still sitting here with a "refurbished new" Color Nook that I cannot authorize....nor does anybody at Adobe seem able to address my issue. Even worse, they don't seem to know how to get in touch with somebody who can fix the problem. I know the problem is NOT with my computer.  My B&N STR works just fine.  I know that having had to return way too many Color Nooks is the problem and the error code specifcally states "too many activations" when I try to plug in an authorize my Color Nook in ADE.


            Does anybody have some information as to how to get to the correct source who will help.


            B&N says its Adobe that needs to address this issue.

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              Nothing is more frustrating that a Customer Service function that doesn't

              provide any service.  I've been there - and had that problem.


              When you've contacted Adobe Customer Service, I have a feeling - just a

              feeling - that the comments you made didn't register with the individuals

              you talked to, because 'too many activations' is one of the issues that come

              up in this forum repeatedly.  The 'call you back' routine seems to be used

              when there's some confusion about the problem.  No confusion with 'too many

              activations' - it's a pretty common occurrence - and is even covered in the

              Adobe Help/FAQ material.


              Have you searched the forum to see whether anyone else has posted

              instructions on how to reset the counter?  There are a couple of guys who

              post technical answers, and, beause this is a common issue, I'd bet that

              they've posted something that could help....


              Your last comment is a cop-out.  If B&N can't furnish you with good

              equipment, it's hardly Adobe's problem.


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                In FAIRNESS to Adobe.......my problem was solved.


                I finally located the "Activation/Authorization" CHAT WINDOW....and was promptly helped by an Adobe rep.


                B&N was TOTALLY clueless and gave me really bad informaiton.  It was almost like they didn't want me to be able to use anything other than buying their books.  Either that...or their "TECHNICAL" support should have TECHNICAL dropped from their name.


                If you have this problem..go to the ADE main page after you log in and eventually you will find the chat to solve this issue.


                Thank you ADOBE.

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                  B&N has a proprietary setup with their ereaders and I agree that they'd like

                  you to continue to use their website for your ebooks.  I'm pretty sure that

                  their 'technical support' people are trained in how to solve problems

                  associated with their setup, but not with ADE because it's not a part of

                  that setup.  SONY has a proprietary setup also, but their protocols do allow

                  you to use other sources for ebooks.  Amazon is worse.  And that's only a

                  partial list.....


                  There are other sources for ebooks and ematerials that function 'smoothly'

                  with ADE.  If you like the classics - and they're free most of the time -

                  you could hook up with gutenberg.org and others on the web.  Gutenberg's

                  ebooks are available on other sites like manybooks.net, who may charge a

                  small fee for the download while they're free directly from gutenberg.  I've

                  kinda taken to Zane Grey's westerns.



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                    Well, B&N doesn't admit to buy their e-books outside North America. I know that, ordering at B&N's my life were a lot easier, but, living in Italy, I order my english or american books elsewhere and italian ones at italian editors', BUT I am constantly on the brim to have downloading and reading problems on my Nook. When B&N will allow orders to unfortunate european people? Nice question, uh?

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                      It's probable that the same ebooks are available from other sources, and

                      that B&N does not have an exclusive.  It's the publisher's decision whether

                      to release an ebook, and I don't know any publishers who have an exclusive

                      with any bookseller.  You can try some of the ebook outlets on the web if

                      you haven't already.


                      With the Internet being the communications superhighway, you might be able

                      to hook up with library services elsewhere for the same materials.  I am

                      hooked up via my local county library system with other libraries world

                      wide.  The last ebook I borrowed came from Yale University, some 2,400 miles

                      away....  If you can do this, maybe you can snub B&N!


                      Hope this helps!


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                        Yeah, you're right and so I'm doing now, but downloading from B&N gets rid of ADE and it's much easier. Anyway I order english books on BooksOnLine (-8 hours'  time zone compared  to Italy's one). Ciao!