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    Replace with AE Comp

    texmant123 Level 1

      I have a clip in PrPro that I needed to edit in After Effects.  So I right clicked it and hit "replace footage with After Effects Composition"  I edited my footage and saved it and it replaced fine in PrPro.  Later (after closing and restarting PrPro and AE) I decided I wanted to tweek this clip some more... but when I click on "replace with AE Comp", my footage in AE is replaced with a color swatch.  This change carries over to PrPro and AE and only ctrl "Z" will bring my footage back.


      Also, PrPro's Project panel still shows the original edited AE comp that worked fine the first time.  But I can't take it back to AE to edit it further.  It appears that I can only edit a piece of footage one time in AE before PrPro won't replace it properly anymore.  Any ideas what I'm doing wrong???


      Thanks in advance,