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    Downloaded file (PDF) does not get added to the Library


      I like the way ADE opens PDFs so fast, I have it set so when I click on a PDF online it opens ADE and renders the PDF quickly in the reader. Awesome, BUT, it would be great to have an option to simply click on the title or button or whatever to quickly add to the library.. or pehaps to be added automatically. Think of that! It also would be great to have a scanning tool to search for electronics books or PDF's on your computer and add them to the library so you can organize. I'd even pay a little something for that! All the other PDF organizing tools that I have tried are slow or to complex for the real simple library/bookshelf function that is needed. If some or all these features exist, please enlighten, specifically how to add a downloaded PDF quickly to the library. Or perhaps I'm trying to use the wrong tool for the job, please advise. -ff

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          Actually, you can add PDF's and other materials on your computer to ADE,

          which is what I think you want to do.  Lemme assume that you're using a

          Windows PC.  If you're using a MAC, the process is the same, but the

          technique is different, and I assume you could figure it out.


          I'll assume that you haven't changed ADE's default to keep documents in the

          'Adobe Digital Editions' folder.


          First, find out where the PDF's you want to bring into ADE are located.

          Then, copy and paste them in to the "Adobe Digital Editions", folder

          wherever it is on your computer (mine is on a different hard drive, not



          Next, open ADE in Library mode.  Now, next to the word 'Library' at the top

          of the screen is a small arrow.  Click on it and you'll get a drop-down box

          with a choice 'Add Item To Library'.  Click on that, and a Windows screen

          opens up where you specify what document you want from where.  Just adjust

          the parameters until you're looking at the 'Adobe Digital Editions' folder,

          highlight the PDF name, and then click on the OK button.  Presto!  ADE

          recognizes the document as belonging to the library.  Repeat as often as



          There's good news and bad news here.  The good news is that ADE will treat

          these PDF's as if they'd been downloaded to ADE in the first place.  The bad

          news is that the process is one at a time....  I don't think you can do it

          en masse.


          Hope this helps!


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            AZ, thanks for the reply. I'm using Windows 7.


            Actually have found out how to add to library by using the menu, but as you note, you would first need to know where the file is and need to add them individually. It would be a nice feature request to have this done automatically as I have ".pdf" associated with ADE to open when I open or grab a PDF online. Though I know ADE was likely not intended to be an organization tool as a library of all types of documents but a reader, but this simple library funtion is great. With some tweaks, this could be a great PDF organizing tool of which I'd think would benefit Adobe and its users.


            Additionally, if the file that contains the library information is available (maybe it is ... new to ADE), it would likely not be difficult for a third party to build a simple program or addin to scan your computer and add the files to a generic library where you could use ADE later to organize them.


            Just thinking out loud.. so take the two cents for what they worth :-)



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              Windows 7 has some enhanced SEARCH features that you could use to locate the

              PDF files on your computer, which might make finding the files you wish to

              add to the ADE library a bit easier.


              There is one drawback, however.  ADE is not able to handle some of the

              features found in newer PDF files.  The details of these shortcomings are in

              the HELP files for ADE HERE


              in the 'Support' section.  It makes interesting reading, and you may wish to

              use Adobe Acrobat from time to time.


              Hope this helps!


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                Thanks.. yes exporing that, I do like the option in explorer to simply preview the

                file. I may in the end just go back to using explorer. I found ADE when I had

                .epub publications to read, thought it would be nice to

                have both in one place.