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    Export chapter points to mp4 or FLV


      I would like to create a mp4 output file from Premiere Pro CS5.5 and would like to include chapter points so that I can skip forward through the video. I have tried all kinds of variations and none of them have worked. I know that mp4 supports this because if I use handbrake to create an mp4 output it creates chapter points. I have tried the following


      1. Create sequence points, name them and add a comment. There was some discussion that if you don't name the sequence point it will not be exported.

      2. Exported mp4, quicktime (mov), AVI and FLV files and played in quicktime and VideoLan both players support chapter points/markers but none of the sequence markers I marked in PPro were exported in any of the file formats I tried.

      3. Added encore chapter markers and tried step 2 again - still not chapter points

      4. Created a flash cue point and added both events and navigation points and tried step 2 - still no chapter points


      I notice the message at the bottom of the marker dialog box that says "Marker Options will only work with compatible output types". What are they compatible output types? I have scoured the web looking for information and I see there are third pary tools like simplemovieX that will do it as described at http://ask.metafilter.com/83737/How-to-add-chapter-marks-to-an-MP4-file


      Can I do this with Premiere Pro or do I need to use a third party tool?

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          jod-zeee Level 1

          Did you ever figure out how to accomplish using chapter points with MP4?

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            1Gary1 Level 1

            I did not receive any feedback and all the things I tried didn’t work so I don’t believe it is possible. If I remember correctly, I also checked directly with support and they didn’t think there was a way unfortunately. I would need to create a blu-ray disk image if I wanted chapter markers.

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              jod-zeee Level 1

              Thank you for letting me know.


              Handbrake says it can do it if the file already has the markers in it, but I don't know how to get it to that point to begin with.

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                I have wanted to do this as well.  The only way I can see doing it is by making a DVD file and than re-encoding it with Handbrake.  It is really ridiculous that Adobe has not addressed this issue, they are supposed to be industry leaders.  They have fallen behind in this matter.  Adobe also needs to figure out how to display all the meta data in DV and HDV video like the date, time and camera settings.  It is ridiculous that I have to go to some lame 3rd party program like "DV Date" to do what Premiere should do.  And my final rant is, I can't believe Premiere can't handle an HDV MPEG file that is not chopped up into pieces.  By can't handle I mean the audio and video won't sync.  I have to use another lame but effective 3rd party program, "HDV Split".

                Come on Adobe, prove that you are an industry leader by taking care of the little details.

                Ringo Klassen

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                  Jim_Simon Level 8

                  Adobe has actually been quite a bit behind the ball in this industry.  Avid and Final Cut Pro have been the go to NLEs for the major players for a long time now.  But I do think Adobe made the decision a couple years ago to change that situation.  With each new release we see Premiere Pro more and more capable, offering the features that top professionals are looking for.  And it's paying off.  The Cohen Brothers have stated they'll be cutting their next feature film using Premiere Pro.


                  My point is, Adobe is pretty responsive to user requests, so be sure to make yours known.



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                    the_wine_snob Level 9
                    I do think Adobe made the decision a couple tears ago to change that situation.


                    Not sure if this is wonderful insight, or maybe just an interesting typo?



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                      It's been a year since this post and I have the latest Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 and I am new.  I have tried several types but the first one I did high bitrate did have chapters but the file was huge so I looked at other types but haven't been successful in getting the chapters in the output.  It would be good if Adobe would say which types supported Chapter output so I am not trying each and everyone to find the right one.

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                        killerskrl Level 1

                        It's been a while but wanted to update my use of Chapters in Premier Pro CC 2014.  I have now setup a preset when exporting to ensure I always have Chapters in my videos by first selecting the following:

                        Format: QuickTime

                        Preset: HD 720p, 24, H264, AAC 48 Hz

                        Check: Use Maximum Render Quality


                        I will then use Handbrake to do the final ripping in order to get the size down from the Estimated File Size: 5230 MB to 1.65 GB.


                        Now if there is a way to not have to go thru a second step of using Handbrake to get the same quality but the file size to be as small let me know thru Premier?

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                          Google for "Subler chapter mp4" and you should find a youtube video outlining what you need.  The short of it is, as of mid 2016, I still don't believe there's a way to export markers out to chapters in Premiere.  However, Subler makes it about as easy as it can be.  You open your exported video in it, drag a plain-text file formatted like:



                          CHAPTER01NAME=In a Hole in the Ground


                          CHAPTER02NAME=An Unexpected Party


                          ...then save.  Subler will re-multiplex not re-encode so it's extremely fast and you won't lose any quality in the process.  The end result plays with chapters in both Quicktime Player and VLC Player just fine.  As for Premiere... Get with the program, Adobe!