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    Cannot update FB 4.5 to 4.5.1


      I tried everything to get the update. I rebooted several times. Reinstalled several times. NOTHING! This is driving me crazy as I can just watch the videos in the webinars but cannot do anything. Someone please help. I hope Adobe is listening. It is really NOT FAIR to show something cool for which we paid money and then not give it to us. Several people have reported this problem.


      Here is the error that I am getting:


      Adobe Flash Builder 4.5.1
        There was an error installing this update. Please quit and try again later. Error Code: U44M2I218


      If I try "Help -> Search for Flash Builder Updates" it is saying that my application is up to date. IT IS NOT!!!!!


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          I ran the Adobe Support Advisor and found an entry that suggested that I check th

          e version number of my product. When I did, I noticed that the version of the software was infact FB 4.5.1 and not FB 4.5. Even though the updater was saying that the update failed, it appears that in actually succeeded.

          To check the version number of Flash Builder, open Flash Builder, Go to the Help Pull Down menu, and select Flash Builder Notices and Credits. The version appears at the bottom left of the dialog box. My version shows at Version 4.5.1 Build 313231.

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            sandyboy66 Level 1

            Mine says "Version 4.5 build 308971". I did "Help -> Search for Flash Builder Updates" and it says my installation is up-to-date. I downloaded the "update patch" and ran it... NOTHING... still the same version. A sure way to tell that you are not on 4.5.1 is to do "File -> New Flex Mobile Project". If iOS and Blackberry don't appear in the target platforms then you don't have 4.5.1.

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              BitterSteve Level 1

              It seems that we have two different issues. I opened Flash Builder and went to File-> New -> Fled Mobile Project and saw both Apple iOS and Blackberry Tablet OS under Target platforms and like I said earlier, my version is 4.5.1 Build 313231. One suggestion is run the updater again and when you get the update failed message again, select contact support. That should send you to the Adobe support site to install Adobe Support Advisor. Sent from my Samsung Focus, a Windows Phone 7 smartphone from AT&T.

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                Andras Janurik



                I have a similar problem. After I installed the update my Zend Studio became unlicensed.

                I  then restored a backup of my Flash Builder installation, created a new  workspace and wanted to run the updater again, but it says Flash Builder  is already updated and stops. If I check the version number it is 4.5

                How can I run the updater again?





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                  sandyboy66 Level 1

                  I uninstalled 4.5 completely. Got a new download from the Adobe site. Rebooted, re-installed and registered the software again. Everything works fine now and life is good. J


                  The two things that didn’t work for me are:

                  -          Update patch from the Adobe site (supposed to update 4.5 to 4.5.1)

                  -          Help menu – Help -> Search for Flash Builder Updates


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                        I have the same issue, running Mac OSX 10.6.8.


                        How to reproduce:


                        1) Bought and paid for and downloaded and installed and launched and registered FB 4.5 (before 4.5.1 was released)


                        2) After 4.5.1 was released I selected 'Help | Software Updates' from the menu hoping I would automagically get it


                        3) Got the awesome "cannot complete the install because of a conflicting dependency" error described in this other forum post: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/863367?decorator=print&displayFullThread=true


                        4) Found this was already reported as bug #FB-31002 over 2 months ago and wondered why it wasn't fixed yet


                        5) Performed the wizardy to the config.ini described in that forum thread, which allowed me to complete the update


                        6) Without restoring the original config I restarted FB, which failed catastrophically, causing FB to never be able to open again (something about library something missing shared something something... i don't remember, went to bed and cried myself to sleep immediately after)


                        7) Woke up and uninstalled FB and downloaded it again, only this time the newly downloaded FB came with docs with names like Adobe Flash Builder 4.5.1 Read Me.pdf which got me all excited


                        8) Installed FB only to find out it was actually FB 4.5, NOT 4.5.1, and wondered why the readme author hated me.


                        9) Repeated steps 2-5 again


                        10) This time I restored the config.ini to its original state before restarting FB. Yay, FB restarted properly this time.


                        11) Selected 'Help | Flash Builder Notices and Credits' and thought that was an odd place to hide the version number


                        12) Meditated over the existential conundrum of a software update doesn't update software, as FB still reported version 4.5 build 308971


                        13) Downloaded and installed AdobeFlashBuilder451PatchInstaller.dmg


                        14) repeated step 11, with the identical result of step 12.


                        15) goto 14

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                          RefugeZero Level 1

                          Apparently this issue is bug #FB-31282:  http://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FB-31282


                          So glad to hear this issue has been resolved! *resumes rocking back and forth in the fetal position*

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                            JayeshViradiya Adobe Employee



                            Eclipse update can not be used to updater FB4.5 to FB4.5.1.

                            Right way to update would be to use "Help --> Search for Flash Builder Updates" menu item. This action will launch "Adobe Application Manager" which will present you with the available and applicable FB related updates. Make sure that in "AdobeApplicationManager->Preferences" you have FB checked.


                            Try it and let us know.


                            -Jayesh Viradiya

                            FB Team






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                              Unni Gopinathan S Adobe Employee

                              Please upload the installer log file. Log file name will be Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 4.5.1 [date].log.


                              Win : C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Installers location

                              Mac : /Library/Logs/Adobe/Installers

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                                Piyush kathayat Level 1

                                Hi Unnigs,


                                I am having this log file in same location as you mentioned,  But still I am not able to update my FB. Please suggest solution ASAP.




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                                  Piyush kathayat Level 1

                                  Did you find the solution how to upgrade 4.5 to 4.5.1? Please let me know also if you know the process .



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                                    iamcootis Level 1

                                    What is the solution? I just downloaded today and am having this problem? The updater opens up and says there are on available updates. I am using 4.5

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                                      Piyush kathayat Level 1

                                      Hi, Few days back I was also facing the same issue. Just download latest version(FB 4.5) from adobe site. uninstall current version which you are using and install new downloaded version. I tried same and it's working :-) hope this trick ll also work for you :-P