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    CS5 PAL to NTSC conversion?

    StreetwiseCreative Level 1

      I have some HDV footage that was shot at 1080/50 (PAL) that I plan to have put on an HDD. What is the best way to convert it to NTSC and at what frame rate? 1080/24p, or perhaps 1080/60i?

      It will be used for a not-for-profit project as a marketing piece that will be distributed on DVD.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          The task is easier with HD, as the American and European resolutions are now equal (720 or 1080).  The only issue remaining is frame rate.


          I'd just slow the piece down by 4%.  This will convert it from it's original 25 to 24 fps, and is the exact opposite of what Hollywood does.  (They simply speed up their movies by 4%.  The difference is small enough that no one really notices the shift in audio pitch.)