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    WebDav Hash format


      I have a need to understand how Acrobat 7.0 genarates the Hash used in linking urls to a WebDav server.

      Adobe documentation seem to indicate it is a MD5 hash, which from my tests, is not the case.

      The hash generatde by the Jascript call "Collab.hashString(Collab.URL2PathFragment(url))" is what is used, but it doesn't look MD5 to me.

      Document with the (incorrect?) reference to the MD5 hash - page 15 http://partners.adobe.com/public/developer/en/acrobat/sdk/OnlineCollaboration.pdf


      Can anyone help me understand this hashing mechanism?


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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          It is MD5, but then it's encoded using a base-64 variant. I don't believe it was ever publically documented, but Adobe technical support would provide the details if you opened a support case, or something like that. Sorry I can't provide more details.

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            forusenet Level 1

            George, thanks for the input. I will see if i can get tech support to help me.


            Why would Adobe mention it is MD5 encoded in the documentation when that piece if information can only throw someone like me off. Stange, i cant see why they need to be secretive with this. Anyone from Adobe care to comment?

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              George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              If you start a support case, be sure to check if there is any massaging of the input before it is MD5 hashed. I seem to recall that it can be, such as adding the port number, but I can't say for sure. So you'll want details of the algorithm that's used.